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Boston, MA

Industry: Manufacturing, Other Job Number: 40207 Pay Rate: $65 - $75k
The Machinist is responsible for performing a wide variety of tasks associated with the development, manufacture, or repair of products. They will set up and operate all types of machine tools and perform all types of layout, fitting and assembly work. Troubleshoot and repair all types of machines. Perform all kinds of welding, brazing, and cutting on any type of metal. Hand scrap and setup to power scrape machines and parts.

Tools & Equipment: All types of machine tools such as lathes, shaper, planer, horizontal and vertical boring mills, milling machine. Machinist's hand tools and measuring instruments such as wrenches, hammers, scraper, files, scribes, protractor, micrometer, gauges, levels, squares. Various portable power tools such as drills, grinders; blueprints, and sketches, comparator, grinding machines, portable cranes, electric hoists. Various types of welding and burning equipment, welding fixtures, shields, and guards; hand tools such as hammers, chipping and cleaning tools, gauges, and wrenches; blueprints, sketches, hand carbide scrapers, power scrapers, cutter sharpeners, diamond wheel grinders, and specific tools of the trade.

Materials: Mill equipment and parts, forgings, castings, bar stock, plates, rods, etc. Of iron, steel brass, alloys and other metals. Micarta, babbitt, cutting oils, lubricants. Ferrous and non-ferrous materials, welding and brazing rods, flux, gases.

General Work Procedures:
- Read work orders, interpret drawings, and sketches, plan and determines working procedures.
- Trucking to next operation.
- Perform routine/daily TPM tasks (that is, oil and grease machines)
- Record production into daily/hourly production logs
- Perform daily 5S tasks to maintain orderly and clean work area

Machinist Procedures:
- Performs layout work, makes sketches.
- Calculates and determines dimensions, tapers, indices and other data using shop formulae and handbooks.
- Selects and grinds tools in accordance with the hardness, machine ability and other properties of parts and materials to be machined.
- Procures or makes jigs, fixtures or machine attachments required for the work to be machined.
- Checks and measures work with gauges, micrometers, calipers, and other precision measuring instruments.
- Assembles fits, aligns, levels and adjusts machinery and equipment.
- Hooks and directs crane to transfer and position material or parts to be machines and assembled.
- Troubleshoots and repairs hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum, and coolant systems in emergencies or when pipers are not available.
- Performs work requiring knowledge of the welding properties of various types of metals, welding rods, welding heat, stress relief, allowances for fit up and machining, and the effect of shrinkage, warp age and expansion.

Location: Fitchburg, MA (30 miles south of Worcester / 55 miles northwest of Boston)

Overtime at time and half (10-20 hours of overtime per week!) + 401k Match + Pension Plan + Full Comprehensive Benefits Package.

True growth potential and good pay/benefits!

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