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Control Systems Technician

Harrisburg, PA

Job ID: 40524 Industry: Healthcare/Med./Biotech/Pharma Pay Rate: $60 - $65k
- Receives oral and written instructions regarding work schedules and jobs to be performed. Written instructions are in the form of maintenance repair or installation work orders, blueprints, schematic diagrams, and sketches describing the various maintenance and installation job requests. Receives spot supervisory checks once or twice daily, more often as new jobs may require.

- Carries out the physical operations involved by installing all types of instruments and accessories, including mounting of instruments, installing pipe and tubing, electrical lines and putting into operation. Installation of various control valves, relief valves, regulating valves, and so on, in process, steam, water, air and other lines.

- Analyzes causes of improperly operating instruments or accessories either by visual observation or tests and make the necessary adjustments to correct faults. Makes necessary repairs on all types of instruments including replacement or repair and adjustment to various makes of valves including grinding or machining of poppets, discs, seats and stem, replacing springs, diaphragms or other parts.

- Performs work in the instrument shop or field as required. Calibrates all types of meters using test meters or any other method necessary to maintain accuracy of meters within established limits. Makes necessary adjustment, replacement of parts or repairs needed for calibration. Makes routine checks on operating instruments for accuracy, necessity for repairs, lubrication, and so on. Adjusts settings of all types of controls to maintain controlled mediums within the limits required for each particular application.

- Handles and uses various metals, including steel, iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and so on. Handles all kinds of pipe and tubing, fitting and valves. Handles various electrical wire, switches, relays, and so on.

- Handles numerous liquids, crystal and powder form chemicals used in cleaning and operation of instruments and accessories. Chemicals included hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, potassium, chloride, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, alcohol, methyl ethyl ketone, etc. Handles various kinds of oils, solvents, paints, and so on. Uses acetylene, oxygen, compressed air, and other gases as required. Handles all materials, tools and equipment with care to prevent damage and injury to self and his/her fellow workers.

- Operates power driven equipment such as drill presses, grinders and pipe threading machine. Operates various electrical and mechanical test meters, including voltmeters, ohmmeters, ammeters, potentiometers, electronic tube testers, draft gauges, pressure and temperature recorders, manometers, psychrometers, and so on.

- Uses numerous hand tools, all types of wrenches, including ignition, pipe, auto, open end, box, socket, strap, hand vises, chisels, screw drivers, pliers, saws, glass cutters, squares, rules, micrometers, taps, dies, soldering irons, and other similar tools.

- Prepares a list of material for each job and requisitions the required material from Mechanical Stores.

- Disposes of all scrap material and discarded parts by separating and depositing in appropriate collection areas.

- Maintains a good state of housekeeping and repair in the general shop work area.

- Performs miscellaneous duties as assigned.
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